Build a Flipped Classroom in four steps

Download Hippo Video chrome extension


Create videos from or use the Chrome extension.

Edit to perfection with annotation tools. Merge, cut, crop, add emoji & trim your clips

Save and share videos to your Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo or Google Classroom

Richer classroom experience. Amplified results

Rapid Video Creation

Record a digital whiteboard explainer, classroom, interview through webcam or screen record an entire web browser, include audio to boost engagement rate. Allows students to learn at their own pace

Interactive Assignments

Students can record assignments as video or audio and email to teachers. Allows them to demonstrate their understanding of the concept. Help students make a speaking opinion without a script

Record Feedback

Record personalized feedback on student’s work/students giving peer feedback through webcam/screen record option. Add voice and face to the video to bring in nonverbal & voice intonation cues

Easy Engagement

Establish a deeper connection and comprehend clarity with students through videos. Allows students to review video notes before exams. Watching videos helps retain key concepts longer than reading

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Instructional Screen Recording

Recording instructional videos can give students an option to watch later and save you hours. Students can also become teachers by explaining tricky concepts back to you and to their classmates

Peer Presentations

Students can use the webcam to record a video of the slideshow as they present and email it to teachers and classmates. It helps overcome anxiety of public speaking in the long run

Flipped Classroom

Videos can be made available anywhere any time to all the students. Record all your lectures from classroom, lecture halls or from home. Allows faculty to add videos. Create a learning video portal for students

Share, Import and Export

Save and share videos to your Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo or Google Classroom. Import videos from other video libraries such as Youtube, Khan’s academy to empower the students with more knowledge

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